When dealing with the Illinois Secretary of State, it is important to have a treatment provider that understands the hearing process and can assist you in gaining driving relief. Direct Counseling provides that experience. William (Bill) Blaul, MA, CADC, the Program Director, specializes in Secretary of State Hearing cases, both at the Informal and Formal level. Bill works full time, six days per week, helping individuals gain drivers’ license restoration. With 30 years of experience, Bill can assist you by reviewing all prior documentation and/or providing a Evaluation, Treatment Needs Assessment and/or Treatment Waiver. Direct Counseling has the knowledge and experience to deal with all clinical aspects of a successful hearing presentation. We know how to deal with Notices of Denials, Treatment Needs Assessments and Evaluations for the Secretary of State. We will prepare you to present your case in the best and truthful light. Our fees and services are cost effective and tailored to your individual situation and circumstances. Whether the loss of driving privileges is due to multiple DUI’s or an out of state conviction, Direct Counseling and Bill Blaul can help.

  • Evaluations
  • Notices of Denial
  • Treatment Waivers
  • Hearing Preparation
  • Letters of Abstinence
  • Out of State Convictions
  • Alcohol and Drug Histories
  • Treatment Needs Assessments
  • Delineation of Symptoms (DSM IV)
  • Preparation of Treatment Documents
  • Documentation of Non-Traditional Support
  • Documentation of Support Group Programming
  • Treatment, Education & Continuing Care Services
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