DUI Treatments

Direct Counseling Inc. is licensed by the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) to provide all appropriate DUI related services. We provide the following services in English and Spanish for most county courts, judges and states. We have the experience and understanding to help. Call Direct Counseling for help with the following: 815-337-9030 COVID-19 INFORMATION Court & Secretary of State Services DUI Uniform Report Evaluations Drivers Risk Education Classes Substance Abuse Intervention Counseling Services for (Moderate Risk Classification) Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling (Significant & High Risk Classifications) Continuing Care/Aftercare Services All DUI services


THE ILLINOIS DUI EVALUATION, EDUCATION AND TREATMENT PROCESS In Illinois, all individuals arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, (commonly called a DUI), are required to undergo an alcohol/drug evaluation before sentencing can occur in the court for the DUI, or restricted or full driving privileges can be granted by the Illinois Secretary of State. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the extent and nature or lack of same of the client’s alcohol and/or drug use. It is also an evaluation of the associated risk to current or future public safety. The following clinical areas will be reviewed: driving history, DUI chemical test results (blood alcohol content), objective testing and the clinical interview with an evaluator. The focus of the evaluation is the individuals’ past and current alcohol and drug use, specifically as it relates to driving history or problems caused. All responses are checked against the driving record, objective testing, the results of the chemical testing (BAC), and possibly other corroborative sources. The evaluator will decide a classification based upon the least level clinically possible. DUI evaluations are generally scheduled by appointment but walk-ins are welcome.

At the time of your appointment, plan to bring the following records pertinent to your arrest: - A current copy of driving record (called a Driving Abstract for court purposes) obtained at a local driver's license facility at a cost of about $12.00. Or, a "Drug and Alcohol Related Driving Offense Record" which can be obtained from an Informal Hearings Officer at a local driver's license facility. - Copy of Notice of Summary Suspension or Law Enforcement Sworn Report received at the time of your arrest which shows your BAC (Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration) or proof of refusal. - All the tickets from the arrest. If you have questions regarding obtaining these documents, please contact our office for assistance. When the alcohol and drug evaluation is completed, an appropriate classification and recommendations will be determined and provided on the Alcohol and Drug Uniform Report form for the Client, Court or the Office of the Secretary of State. The evaluation will provide a classification into one of the following classifications:

  • Minimal Risk
  • Moderate Risk
  • Significant Risk
  • High Risk
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