Direct Counseling provides consultation services to individuals for driver’s license restoration in Illinois and all other states. Direct Counseling and its Program Director, William L. Blaul, MA, CADC can provide the clinical paperwork necessary for a positive and appropriate review by the Illinois Secretary of State Hearing Officers. Direct Counseling can prepare you for both Formal and Informal Hearings. The process starts with a Consultation appointment which includes the following: Assistance in understanding of Secretary of State Hearing Process Review of a current Secretary of State Court Purposes Driver’s Abstract Determination of type of Hearing (Formal/Informal) Review of all past documentation including evaluations and treatment documents How to receive the appropriate arrest records for the evaluation and Hearing Review of current living, educational, family situations and its impact on Hearing Review of current medical, legal and employment situations and its impact on Hearing Determination of time period and costs involved in the license restoration process Determination of services needed

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