Direct Counseling’s Anger Management Program provides an educational environment for clients to learn expressions of anger that are acceptable to society so that violence and self-destructive behavior and legal difficulties can be avoided. You will benefit from counseling by learning what stress and anger is, as well as stress management strategies. You will learn how to be more emotionally intelligent and how to use proven communication skills to avoid anger related issues in the future.


The start of the program involves completing an Anger Management Evaluation by meeting with our Program Director. If the evaluation indicates the need for treatment, you will then be assigned the appropriate and least number of group sessions for a specified period of time. How long you must attend Anger Management sessions depends on your attendance, court order, as well as the results of your professional evaluation.


Direct Counseling’s primary goal is to help you to control and manage anger to prevent future acts of violence or situations involving the court system. We will assist you in learning about how to manage emotions, actions and behavior in healthy ways, how to develop responsibility, how to bolster your support systems within family and work life, how to understand what causes anger and how to identify situations that can quickly escalate feelings of anger.

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